Possible Jailbreak Malware In the Wild

A user on Reddit by the name of /u/j2k3k go some interesting news from his ISP. According to his writeup, he allegedly received an email from his ISP saying that one of his devices was part of a larger attack, known as a botnet, to attack Sony. After calling, they confirmed this was the case. He was able to sniff the traffic on his network and discovered that his jailbroken iPhone was the rouge device.

Since this time, some people have reached out to help, but no one has been able to narrow done what exactly is causing the issue, or what specific traffic the user found that could identify that it was indeed his iPhone.

Luca has since reached out to assist the user, but there has been no response.

As always, be very cautious with what you install on your devices. Only install tweaks/themes from trusted sources, and don’t pirate as this is where most malware comes from.

If we have more information about the malware, we will update the article as soon as we hear it.

Source: Reddit