New Mac Pro Spec Leaked

Update: According to MacRumors, this happened last year as well, but nothing ever materialized. We do find it very coincidental, however, that this occurred right before Apple’s huge Mac event. We won’t know until tomorrow if/when the product is formally announced. Be sure to follow @jailbreakbusters on Twitter for the latest news and updates on this and more potential leaks.

Just hours before Apple’s new event, we have a new leak regarding one of their products that hasn’t been updated in over three years: the Mac Pro. With everyone expecting new MacBook Pro and Air as well as iMac refreshed, there have no leaks about the Mac Pro… until now. Follower and friend @cbckly917 found this leak earlier today, showing the Mac Pro will be able to support up to three 5k displays, as opposed to its current three 4k displays.

Below is a screenshot of Apple’s website from October 19th of this year:


Below is a screenshot of the current Apple website:

All the other specs are consistent with the Mac Pro’s current specs and are expected to be updated tomorrow after the event. We highly doubt this is a mistake, and we should now anticipate a Mac Pro update for the first time in three years. This is definitely exciting, especially since this is Apple’s highest end Mac, and it will be interesting to see what else Apple adds to its high-end Mac.

We will have full coverage of the event tomorrow and will have full, detailed articles about each product announced. You can find a breakdown of all expected products on our Events page.