Introducing MacBook Pro (late 2016)

Rumors prevailed and the MacBook Pro was exactly what we were expecting (with a few surprises). Apple announced its updated Mac at its October event last week, and more and more details about the new product have been trickling out before it gets into comsumer’s hands.


Touch Bar

  • As expected per leaks, the MacBook Pro does have an OLED touch bar simply called “Touch Bar”. This touchscreen strip lies where the function keys used to be, which mean no more power button or escape key. It runs a custom version of watchOS which displays information relevant for the user. The Mac turns on and off when you open and close the lid, the function keys can be brought up at any time on the touch bar, and the new Touch ID sensor also acts as a power button when pressed. The new Touch Bar adapts to the apps you are using to give you the best functions possible. For instance, when sending a message in iMessage, the Touch Bar can display predictive text as well as allow you to easily insert emoji. Microsoft Office as well as the Adobe Suite will be supporting this feature in an update later this year.

Touch ID

  • Also leaked in earlier images, the new MacBook Pro has its own dedicated Touch ID sensor. This allows the user to unlock their Mac and make payments with Apple Pay, as well as unlock third-party apps such as 1Password.

Thunderbolt 3

  • In an unsurprising move, Apple has opted to replace all of its USB ports with USB-C ports (four to be exact). All four ports can be used to charge the device, as well as connect to monitors and other devices, making is simple for the user to use any port they wish. What is surprising, however, is the including of the headphone jack, which was removed from the iPhone 7 in a statement to move the industry away from the current standard.


  • Lastly, the new MacBook Pro adopts the keyboard that was originally introduced in the MacBook last year. This second-generation butterfly mechanism is 4x more stable than the previous generation, allowing for more fluent typing. The trackpad has also doubled its area.

Tech Specs

  • 130% faster graphics
  • 67% brighter
  • 17% lighter (13″ at 3lbs and 15″ at 4lbs)
  • 100% faster flash storage
  • Up to 10hr battery life
  • 500 nits brightness
  • 25% more colors
  • 67% higher contrast ratio
  • 58% more volume
  • 2.5x louder bass
  • 2x dynamic range
  • Support for two 5k displays


If you can live without the new Touch Bar and Touch ID, the new MacBook Pro starts at $1,499. With these new features, it starts at $1,799.